Coverage with Health Insurance

& Basic Insurance.


It is possible to take the cost of the sessions for individual therapy and couples therapy with Diana Welte and Linda Knellwolf.

Anordnung for General Practitioners
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& Supplementary Insurance.

Some Supplementary Insurances (CI) cover a certain amount of our sessions. However, the differences within the insurances are vast. The following documents and text represent our recommended procedure:

Which CI covers what?
Krankenkassenliste FSP, Stand März 2023.
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Please inform yourself about the coverage of your own CI.


Update, Jan 2024:

  • With the change of law to the "Anordnungsmodell", some Supplementary Insurances no longer cover psychotherapy while others continue as before.
  • Currently the billing via CI is dealt with differently and needs to be checked out individually.
  • We recommend using these links to the FSP Register (Linda, Vanessa & Diana) or to PsyReg (Linda) to ask your CI whether they cover our services.

As self-pay client you will bear the costs of the psychological counselling/therapy yourself. A pay-in slip will be sent via e-mail.


If you suffer the consequences of an accident, you can claim reimbursement from your accident insurance company.

If you seek therapy because of the consequences of physical or psychological abuse, you can apply to the regional office for victim support (Opferhilfe) to have some of the costs covered.


Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours beforehand, in which case nothing will be charged. In case of short-term cancellation, we charge half of the original rate, in case of no-show without any preceding notice, we charge the full amount of the session.