Relationship & Couples Therapy

Therapy and Counselling concerning Relationships, Love, and Separation. For Individuals, Couples, or more People.


Fighting for love? Well... yes and no! How far should one go? What qualifies for a healthy relationship in your world? Often people (whether alone or in couples) tend to come late to couples counselling when unwanted patterns have already swept them off solid grounds. However, the sooner you work constructively on your relationship, the happier the partnership. Sometimes just one conversation is enough to open up new perspectives.


Some of the topics might be:

  • Communication in the relationship
  • Re-connecting as a couple
  • Dealing with everyday life
  • Attachment issues
  • Individual needs and setting boundaries
  • Self-worth and self-confidence
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Forms of relationships (monogamy, open relationships, polyamory)
  • Affairs, infidelity, being in love with someone else
  • jealousy
  • victimhood vs. wrongdoer
  • powerlessness, annoyance, anger
  • dealing with mental illness within a relationship


«...that it's better to wait for a suitable partner than to rely on a semi-suitable partner to all of a sudden become a suitable one.» From the book «Trennt euch! Ein Essay über inkompatible Beziehungen und deren wohlverdientes Ende [Break up! An essay about incompatible relationships and their well-deserved ending]» by Thomas Meyer (Salis, 2017).

Wheter you are in the middle of a break-up, thinking about breaking up, already broke up or someone did so with you: Psychological counselling/therapy can help with decisions, finding clarity and soothing the pain (at least a little). You don't have to suffer forever.


Some of the topics might be:

  • Decision-making
  • Mourning phase and dealing with sadness, anger, anxiety and/or numbness
  • Support during a break-up
  • Rehabilitation
  • (Over-)Compensation
  • Questions of meaning
  • mutual children
  • Concerns about (starting) a new relationship


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