Psychological Counselling Psychotherapy

Therapy and Counselling concerning Inner Conflicts, Orientation, and Mental Issues. For Individuals and Couples.


You no longer know wheter you're coming or going? Many things have gone wrong and you just need a neutral person to see you through a difficult time? Or - everything is going well but still something is bothering you?

Sometimes it doesn't need much to get back on track. Psychological counselling or Psychotherapy can help you regain strength and orientation.


Some of the topics might be:

  • Being overwhelmed (be it job-related, with your own emotions or otherwise triggered)
  • Personal dilemmas and difficulties in making decisions
  • Identify (and change) behaviour patterns
  • Dealing with unpleasant feelings and thoughts
  • Self-doubt und/or self-critic
  • Reinforce self-esteem
  • Finding personal values and goals
  • Inner and/or interpersonal conflicts
  • Embitterment and negativity
  • Dealing with mentally unstable relatives
  • Setting boundaries


How do I talk - and how do I understand? In a counselling/therapy session (with honest and empathetic feedback) new ways of communication can be explored.

Some of the topics might be:

  • Identifying individual patterns of communication
  • New perspectives on interpretations and judgments of thoughts/behaviours
  • Standing up for oneself in communication
  • Negotiation and assertiveness
  • Misunderstandings (prevent, understand and/or solve)
  • Accepting/embracing vulnerability in communication
  • Learning how to really listen
  • Authenticity
  • Performance skills